We Take Great Pride In Training Each Ready Maid.

Training is at the heart of what we do at The Ready
Maids. We invest time and resources to train each
Ready Maid to the highest standards. Our training
program focuses on all aspects of cleaning, customer
service, and professionalism. The training doesn’t just
stop once our cleaners are ready to clean your home,
we schedule weekly training with our team to review

everything that was done and everything that could
have been improved. So you can expect meticulous
attention to detail and a service that exceeds your
expectations. Experience the difference that our
trained professionals bring to your home, a level of
expertise and attention to detail that is second to none.

“I love how The Ready Maids invests in training their team. You can really tell that they really know what
they are doing when it comes to cleaning, to that only adds up that they treat me super nice!” - N. Banks

The Four Step Training Program

Training Workshops

Our training program prioritizes quality
assurance and staff education. We start our
training with daily workshops and group
discussions, that way our team members can
receive in-depth training on various cleaning
techniques, safety protocols, and customer
service. Our training materials are constantly
being updated to align with our customer needs,
ensuring that our team is equipped with the
knowledge and skills to continue to deliver our
fantastic service!

Onsite Training Instructors.

New staff members at The Ready Maids undergo
comprehensive training guided by our
experienced onsite instructors. This hands-on
approach ensures effective training, allowing
new team members to quickly become valued
contributors to our company. With personalized
guidance and support, we cultivate a team that
delivers excellence from day one. We value the
seamless integration of new staff members into
our team.

Ongoing Education

Continuous learning is key to our team’s growth
and expertise. We provide ongoing education to
our staff, equipping them with updated
knowledge on industry techniques, and cleaning
products. Our staff, both new and experienced,
receive ongoing education and updates on the
latest products, cleaning techniques, and
industry trends. By staying informed and
adapting to evolving customer needs, we
consistently deliver great service.

Customer Service Training.

Delivering exceptional customer service is
integral to our philosophy. Through our training
program, each team member is equipped with
essential customer service skills, including active
listening, effective communication, and empathy.
We emphasize the importance of respecting our
customers’ homes and belongings, ensuring a
positive and personalized experience throughout
their interaction with us!

Focused On Being The Best Cleaners In New Orleans.

At The Ready Maids, we are laser-focused on being the best cleaners in New Orleans. Our pledge
is to provide exceptional service, care for your home, and always treat you with the utmost respect.

Want To Customize Your
Ready Maid Service?

Want To Customize Your Ready Maid Service?

Contact us today to find out how our home
cleaning service can be customized to fit your
every need, no matter how challenging your
home cleaning needs.

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